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Hey y'all! 

My name is Timothy Pakron aka Mississippi Vegan. I am a southern boy living in Brooklyn, NY, where I have a cozy little apartment in the neighborhood of Williamsburg. After studying studio art in college and graduating, I have been actively pursuing my career as a visual artist. And like many other creative individuals, a large collection of other jobs. After spending time in New York City, while exploring many different avenues, my passions inevitably rose to the surface and my career path shifted in a very big way. 

For the past two years, I decided to take a break from creating contemporary art with traditional mediums like photographic film and oil paint. Instead, I decided to focus on using edible plants and mushrooms as my artistic mediums. And since making this decision, all of my time and energy has been dedicated to food styling and food photography. I've also begun working with cookbook authors, helping with restaurant menu consulting, learning about foraging, and cooking for the public through pop-ups. While doing all of this, I have been sharing my knowledge about the absolutely delicious and wonderful vegan lifestyle that I am proud to live.

It has been incredibly rewarding to share my food creations with the world, especially as an artistic expression. I have been overwhelmed with all of the love and support that my followers have provided me and now it is time to give back. So what is the next step?

My Blog

I have thus decided to start documenting my recipes with detailed instructions so that I can share them with the world. So that you can now try my food. And in return, this will allow me to teach you how to make some of my favorite dishes. The end goal is to help you to make the most delicious and satisfying food while only using the magnificent plant and fungi kingdoms. My recipes are always free from animal products and certainly full of love. My blog will also give me the opportunity to share my knowledge on certain ingredients, cooking techniques, and will allow me to express my personal thoughts more in depth than just a small comment on Instagram.

Now, I know, I know, a blog isn't a new concept here. All of the top people in my field have them and I now fully realize why! It is not only special but of utter importance, that I can create recipes that will allow my thoughts and ideas to be in your home and in your kitchen. It has become second nature for me to create a dish, photograph it beautifully, and to then share it. But writing down the exact measurements, details, and instructions- in a way that will allow you to do so easily? That's a different story. It's a challenge. And I am ready to take it on. 

My goal 

My goal is to provide enticing, fun, and delicious recipes with easy instructions. I want you to say, 'Oooh! I want to make that!' And I will do my very best to be consistent and try to post one recipe per month. There may be some weeks that I post an ingredient highlight or a farm visit, but the majority of posts will be recipes that I want you to try. Update: This was before I got my book deal! Therefore, I've had to put my blog posting on the back-burner, but only temporarily! Once my manuscript is delivered this December (2017), I will be able to post more often the following year. Thank you for your patience and understanding :) 

Now, all that I ask of you is to try the recipes for yourself and your loved ones. I need feedback people! Please leave your comments below each recipe. Take pictures of what you create. I would absolutely love to see your creations. If you are on Instagram, please tag me in the picture(s) and hashtag #mississippivegan. You better let me know that you tried one of my recipes! And if you're not on the gram, please feel free to shoot me an e-mail to share your pictures and thoughts. Also, sign up for my mailing list so that I can keep you updated on what I am posting.

This blog is a very important building block for me at this moment in my life. It means the world to me that you can be a part of it. I know and feel that it is absolutely necessary for me to develop my recipe writing skills. It is time for my food to be created in homes and kitchens all around the world.

Thank you!


Timothy aka Mississippi Vegan

All photographs of me on this post by Tutes