Product recommendations

Hello! Welcome to my product recommendations page. Here you will find some of my favorite products to use in the kitchen ranging from spices and oils to kitchen utensils and books.

If you are familiar with my blog recipes, or in particular, the recipes in my cookbook, I aim to not call for specific products or brands (with only a few exceptions). This is for two reasons: the market is always changing and I like to give the reader the option to use whatever brand or homemade recipe they prefer (i.e. palm oil free butter to homemade vegan mayo).

Moving forward, this is simply a page for recommendations. If you would like a more detailed explanation of each ingredient, I invite you to check out my cookbook, as I explain most of the items below in the ingredients glossary.

Lastly, none of these recommendations are sponsored. They are my sincere and personal recommendations for products that I actually use in my own home and kitchen.




Smoked Olive Oil- this is one of my favorite condiment to drizzle on avocado toast, roasted veggies, or any kind of grain/pasta dish. It has a delicate smokey, buttery flavor.

Truffle Oil- this is a good and affordable brand of truffle oil. Drizzle on popcorn, pasta, rice, or avocado toast. I also LOVE and highly recommend this brand from Chelsea Market.

White Truffle Salt- there are many different brands out there and some are better than others. I recommend this salt from the Filling Station.

Smoked Sea Salt- There are many different varieties on the market. I suggest trying them all to see what you personally like!

Maldon Salt and Smoked Maldon Salt- these are two of my favorite flakey salts on the market.

Kala Namak- I love buying this brand because it comes in one large bag that lasts forever. Do note, I transfer the salt to a tightly sealed jar once it is delivered to keep moisture out.

Ume Plum Vinegar- from Eden Foods. This is the only brand I buy.

Kombu- from Eden Foods. There are many different brands. This is the one I use.

Vegan Worchetshire- Wizard is the best! You can tell by reading off the ingredient list. This is the most similar to traditional Worchetshire in regards to taste that I have ever had.

Liquid Smoke- some brands can be super bitter. I find that Colgin is not. I highly recommend this product!

Rice Vinegar- love, love, love this mild and delicious rice vinegar. The green cap is cute too.

Carolina Gold Rice- this is a traditional prized South Carolina rice.

Louisiana Popcorn Rice- this rice is EVERYTHING. I’ve seen some other brands out there but this is by far my favorite. The bag itself smells like buttery popcorn.

Wine- I love me a good organic glass of wine that is preferable certified vegan, organic, and fair trade. Like Stellar Organics!

Tamari- this brand is my favorite brand of tamari. Buttery and rich in flavor, it’s absolutely delicious!

Garlic Powder and Onion Powder are ideal when they are ground into a fine powder so that they dissolve effortlessly into recipes.

Unsweetened Soymilk- I recommend this milk because it is plain, unsweetened and has only two ingredients: soybeans and water.

Just Mayo is my go to vegan mayo the market for two reason: it doesn’t have to be refrigerated before it is opened (like other brands) and it the texture is flavor is spot on. Do note you must refrigerate after opening.

Miyoko’s Butter- If I call for butter in any of my recipes, I of course mean vegan butter. This brand in particular is delicious and widely accessible. I’ve seen it at Trader Joes and Whole Foods.

Follow Your Heart Cheese- my favorite cheese from this company is the slices: smoked gouda, provolone, America, aged cheddar. They all work beautifully on sandwiches or for sauces, if melted correctly. Check out my Mac ‘N Cheese recipe to see what I’m talking about.

Violife Cheese- this has quickly become my favorite vegan cheese on the market. From their slices to their parmesan, the texture is spot on and the flavor is very similar to traditional dairy cheese.

Field Roast Sausage- I love this grain meat company, in particular the ‘Italian style’ sausages or the ‘celebration roast’. The frankfurter links work incredibly well in my ‘Red Beans and Rice’ recipe from Mississippi Vegan.

Beyond Sausage- this is by the far the best vegan meat I have ever had. The texture is unbelievable real and the flavor is dead on. My father even likes this sausage and he usually does not like vegan food and is a total meat and potatoes guy! Try using this in my Gumbo for stellar results. Simply add to the pot when there’s 20-30 minutes left of cooking time.

High Protein Tofu- In regards to tofu, I have used silken for baking (which is very soft) or in a delicate miso soup. For the most part though, my go to us extra firm, as the texture is dense and satisfying. Over the past couple of years, high protein tofu has popped up on the market and I love it!! There seems to be very little water content and the texture is delightfully dense and chew- perfect for savory delicious replicating traditional meat. Try using this in my stuffed peppers recipes or my crispy tofu sandwich in Mississippi Vegan.

Gardein Chicken Strips- these vegan chicken strips work beautifully for the ‘Vegan Chicken Salad’ in my recipe. I also love their strips when I want a snack and don’t feel like cooking.

Miso- check out Miso Master’s mellow white miso. I also highly recommend their chickpea miso, especially if you are trying to avoid soy. Another company I love is South River Miso.

Kitchen Utensils

Cast Iron Skillet- I love me a cast iron skillet, especially this one because it’s so big. I roast anything and everything in this guy!

Hand Held Julienne Vegetable Peeler- this tool is ideal for safely and effectively slicing a vegetable into a beautiful, think matchstick shape.

Mandoline- this contraption allows you to slice vegetables paper thin. Please be careful using this as it is very dangerous!

Enso Chef’s Knife- This is my go to knife. It’s beautiful. It’s made well. And it chops effortlessly. Highly recommend!

Food Processor- I love this food processor because it is BIG and I can make a large batch of something easily. I’ve mine for over 2 years now and it still works perfectly. Great investment.

Thin Blade Spatula- this is one of my favorite kitchen tools when cooking with a cast iron skillet. The thin blade allows one to get under something that might normally stick and also scrape up any remnants that are sticking from a sauce, fried rice, etc.

Roux Spoon- there are many different roux spoons out there. This is a good example of one. Ideally, you want the handle to be long and the spoon end to wide and curved.

Microplane Zester- this is a great tool to have for zesting citrus, ginger, nutmeg, or any block of hard vegan cheese.

Vitamix Blender- I’ve had mine for 8 years and it still works perfectly. Ideal for making your own juices or blending sauces until velvety smooth.

Nutri Bullet- This a smaller blender that’s perfect for small amounts of ingredients. I use mine all the time!

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